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"We are so blessed and thankful to have been exposed to your teaching and your powerful ministry on the many facets of our Hebraic roots. Your in-depth knowledge, extensive research skills and warehouse of multi-media resources are intellectually stimulating. We give God the glory and honor for ordering your footsteps and leading you to Emmanuel Worship Center in Petersburg, Virginia. You have truly been richly blessed with your phenomenal language skills in leading us to understand our Father's language and the interpretation of the original biblical text. Your professional delivery and your willingness to help others understand our heritage extends far beyond the sanctuary. We applaud your new website and your ministry. In addition, we ask that God's blessings continue to rain upon you so that you can impart to the world your warehouse of knowledge on our
Hebraic roots."
Deacon Kerry B. and Rita D-B.​
Chesterfield, VA
"I have had the opportunity to hear Elder Jenkins speak and expound God's word In depth. He uses his knowledge of Hebrew to go deep into the word of God. What a wonderful opportunity for us to have these tools. I am excited that Elder Jenkins wants to share his wealth of knowledge. Thank you Elder Jenkins for sharing."
Sandra I. 
Cincinnati, OH
"This website is aptly named. Because every Hebrew letter has truth within it, every Hebrew word defines itself, and even gives us insight into the nature of the word being defined. God's language, the language that was confused at Babel, reveals the truth that comes from the Source of all truth. Kenneth Jenkins knows it is anointed and studies to plumb the depths of the truth it contains. We are blessed to have the teaching on line."

Moses and Angela B.
Dinwiddie County, VA
"As Elder Kenneth Jenkins most eloquently divides scripture from a Hebraic prospective, it becomes obvious that we have misinterpreted and misrepresented the word of God. Jenkins offers the Bible student an alternative to the watered-down, lifeless jargon overused in the Christian world, by expounding '... line upon line, precept upon precept...' beginning with the beginning (the Hebrew Alef Bet). In his unique teaching style, he makes scripture applicable to our everyday life without losing its original meaning; consequently, the word becomes plain and simple---yet profound and life changing. This website is an overdue blessing! 
Thank you Elder Jenkins."
                                                                                                                                                   Brenda S.
                                                                                                                                                   Petersburg, VA